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Queenstown Bank is committed to offering our customers the best banking products and services available. Our continuing enhancements to Queenstown Bank's Internet Banking service are just an example of that commitment.

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Getting Started

Enrollment is easy, simply click on “New User” located inside the Personal Online Banking Login box. After a quick verification process you will be prompted to create a User ID and password and choose 3 security questions/answers that will assist with authenticating your identity.

You can also set up alerts through Personal Online Banking to help you better manage your accounts. When logged in, click on Alerts from the list at the top right hand side of the page. Alerts can be sent to you through Personal Online Banking, directly to your inbox or to your mobile device. Log in and start setting up alerts today.

Unable to Access Online Banking?

For your security, users that have not accessed personal online banking for more than 6 months will be unenrolled from our system. To re-enroll, follow the "Getting Started" instructions above.

Multi-Factor Authentication for Security

As cybercrimes become more sophisticated, so must the measures we take to ensure your safety and security while banking online. In response to these threats, Queenstown Bank has introduced a one-time passcode verification feature, where we will help ensure that your Online Banking experience remains safe and secure. This added security feature is designed to confirm your identity and prevent unauthorized access to your account information. 

Login Defenses - A real-time decisioning tool utilizing your device and location attributes to defend against cyber fraud.

Out-of-Bank Authentication - If the real-time decisioning tool determines additional authentication is needed, you will receive a Security Challenge and be given the option to receive a one-time passcode (OTP) via text message or automated phone call to complete the login process.

      • All personal Online and Mobile Banking users will be required to enroll a phone number to deliver your one-time passcode(s).
      • After the enrollment is complete, the passcode verification will appear each time our system does not recognize your desktop
        or mobile device or detects suspicious activity.

To avoid interruption in accessing your accounts, please make sure the phone numbers listed on your accounts are accurate. To view your current contact information, you must log into Retail Online through a browser. Click on "Profile" at the top right of your screen. You will then see options to make changes to your phone numbers, email and more.

Instructions for Enrollment

Choose how to receive your one-time passcode
The Layered Authentication is a security feature designed to protect the privacy and security of your personal information. The one-time passcode is used to authenticate your device.

To receive your OTP via Text Message
Enter your mobile phone number if you would like to receive a text message with your one-time passcode.

To receive your OTP via Phone Call
Enter your home phone number if you would like to receive a recorded voice call with your one-time passcode. If you do not have a home phone, enter your mobile phone number here.

Help tip: Enter your mobile number and verify/enter your home phone and work phone. If your home phone is your mobile number, also enter your mobile number in the home phone field. If the phone information is invalid, you will not be able to log in to Online Banking. If you have any issues with getting set up, contact or stop by one of our locations.

Instructions for First Time Log In with OTP:

1. Enter your username and password and click Log In.
2. Receive your one-time passcode
                 Receiving by Text Message
                 Choosing "Send text message' will prompt the system to send you a SMS text message with the one-time passcode.
                 This SMS message can only be sent to a mobile device. If you log in through Queenstown Bank’s Mobile Banking app, you will
                 automatically receive a text message.

                 Receiving by Phone Call
                 Choosing "Call phone" will prompt the system to send you a recorded voice call with the one-time passcode. This call can be
                 sent to a mobile device or home phone.

3. Enter your one-time passcode.

Once you receive your recorded or SMS delivered passcode, you will be prompted to enter the passcode.
When the passcode has been entered, and "continue" is selected, the user will be taken to the home screen and you can continue as usual.

Want more information?

Watch the tutorial below for additional information.


NotifiSM Online Banking Alerts

Know what's happening with your finances, the moment it happens.

With real-time alerts you can keep even better track of your money and spend less time doing it. Want to know if your balance drops? How about when a deposit is made? With our real-time alerts, you'll know the moment it happens, without ever logging in. They're not only convenient, they can also help you spot signs of fraud and identity theft. Plus there's a variety of alerts to choose from. The notifications you receive are completely up to you. If an alert is triggered, it can be delivered to your mobile phone via text message, your email in-box, or within online banking.

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Go Paperless! Save the hassle of waiting for the mail and storing paper files. Switch to free Paperless Statements today!

What is a paperless statement?

When you ‘Go Paperless’ you are agreeing to view your regular periodic statement online through our online banking service and not receive a paper copy from us in the mail. The paperless/online statement looks the same as your paper statement including check images and images of deposits. Paperless statements are presented as an Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF) file that you can view, print or save. 

How do I view my cancelled check and statements?

Both checks and statements are available in Online Banking.

To view your checks:
• On the “Accounts” screen, locate the check in the transaction list and click the check number. A check viewer will load and display the front and back of the check.
• Check images are available for 18 months on Online Banking. 
To view your statements:
• In the “Accounts” section of Online Banking, click the green “Documents” button that appears under the account name and number.
• Select eStatement as the document type, enter a date range to search and click submit. In the list that is returned from the search, click on the hyperlink of the statement you wish to view, or click the disk icon to download and save.

What types of accounts are paperless statements available for?

Paperless statements are currently available for checking, savings and money market accounts. 

How do I sign up for paperless statements?

  • Login to online banking and select “Profile” in the top right menu bar options.
  • Click ‘Edit’ Electronic Statements and select the accounts for paperless statements.
  • Agree to the Terms and Conditions and you’re all set!

Please note that if the regular periodic statement is a combined statement, meaning the statement includes other accounts that you own on the same statement, the paperless combined statement will include the other accounts as well.

After I enroll, when will I get my first paperless statement?

Your very next statement will be paperless! We will send an email notification to the email address of record notifying you when your paperless statement is available to you each statement period. 

How far back do paperless statements go?

After you enroll, each paperless statement, including any legal notices about your account which are provided electronically as part of your statement, will remain available online for the life of the account. You may also print the statements or download to your own system as needed.

What software do I need to view paperless statements?

Your paperless statements will be delivered as an Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF) file. To access and retain a PDF file, you need the latest version of free Adobe® Reader®.

Can my joint account holder view the paperless statements?

Yes, as long as the joint account holder has access to Online Banking.

How will I know when my paperless statement is available?

We will send an email notification notifying you when your paperless statement becomes available to view through Online Banking. Email notification is automatically enabled when you elect the paperless statement option.

How can I change the email address that my paperless statement is sent to?

You may change your email address in Online Banking under “Profile > Email”. Select “Edit” and enter your new email address. 

Can email notifications be sent to multiple email addresses?

No, email notifications cannot be sent to multiple email addresses at this time.

Why didn't I receive my paperless statement notification for this period?

An incorrect email address or email filter could be the issue. To confirm we have the correct email address for you, log in to Online Banking and click on “Profile” and select “Email ”. If the email address is incorrect, please update your email address.

If the email address is correct, your email filter may be blocking emails sent from our email address. If so, please adjust your filter or junk mail settings to allow emails coming from Queenstown Bank ( This will allow you to receive paperless statement notifications from us.

 What if I want to receive paper statements again?

You can let us know by emailing us at or mailing your intent to withdraw from paperless statement delivery to Queenstown Bank Operations Department, PO Box 120, Queenstown, MD 21658. 

Get more with your eStatements today:

  • Get your statement faster! Eliminate mail delays.
  • Reduce your risk of identity theft with secure online access
  • Receive an e-mail notification when a new statement is posted to Online Banking
  • Review, print, download or save your statements anytime
  • Reduce clutter and paper with online statements
  • Available for all checking, savings and money market accounts

Bill Pay

Within Personal Online Banking you can easily enroll in Online Bill Pay through CheckFree (Queenstown Bank's Bill Pay vendor). With Online Bill Pay you can view and pay all of your bills – from your painter and handyman to your doctor – on one secure website. With Online Bill Pay you can: pay any bill, anytime, stop or change payments anytime, schedule payments in advance and add any bill quickly with limited information.

Quick Facts

  • Pay anyone in the United States that you would normally pay by check, automatic debit, or cash. We send the money electronically whenever we can. If the person or company can’t accept electronic payments, we print a check and mail it for you.
  • Review your payments and bills for the past 84 months in Activity. Also review requests you sent. You can download your payment info to a comma-separated values (CSV) file. You can import the file into a number of different personal financial software applications.

More Convenience

  • eBills. Save a trip to the mailbox or another website to get your bills. Some of your bills can be delivered right in Bill Pay. You can view your eBills in Payment Center and pay them with a few simple clicks. You decide how much you want to pay and when you want to send the payment.
  • AutoPay. You can set up automatic payments to be sent according to a schedule you set. You can change or cancel AutoPay at any time.
  • AutoPay for eBills. You can set up some eBills to be paid automatically according to options you set. You can change or cancel AutoPay for eBills at any time.


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